In order to be able to try the resources offered by ARC testbeds one needs to have ARC clients installed and user certificates ready. The alternative option is to SSH to a machine with already installed clients and prepared dertificates. For that purpose we have set up a machine with few demo user accounts that already include the user demo certificates and have the ARC client tools installed.

In order to connect to that machine follow instructions below.


user name: demo$i where $i is in range between 1 and 10 (there are demo accounts like demo1, demo2, ...)

password: emidemo$iuser where $i is again from range between 1 and 10

password for user certificate: emiuser

Instructions on how to use Classic ARC clients can be found here. For WS-ARC you will find the instructions here. Or you can use the User Guide for more information.

Please note that the demo accounts are cleaned on daily basis so do not leave important files there!!!