On this page you will find useful information about infrastructure run for testing purposes. Additionally are are some information about how to join and use the infrastructure.

Grid Monitor

Autodeployment system

ARC provides an autodeplyment system for ARC services. This system is installing and deploying on daily basis (using nightly builds) selected set of ARC services. The new deployment is usually available after 11:00. The code used for today is labled as autodeploy not installed.

Services running:

The services are additionally visible over Grid Monitors. Their names contain autodeployed word.

List of allowed DNs is here.

The log files related to these services can be accessed here.

Additionally we are running an on-demand autodeployment. This allows the user to specify a rev. number that shall be used for deployment. The link with all relevant information can be found here.

How to connect

In order to connect to ARC infrastructure you have to register to some of the ARC Information index services.

Information index services running under ARC testbed are:
  • ldap://arc-emi.grid.upjs.sk:2135/O=Grid/Mds-Vo-Name=ARC-TESTBED

Every ARC service (cluster and storage) has to register to indices. To register a cluster or a storage resource to the index service you need put a similar registration blocks in your arc.conf and restart the grid-infosys. Change only the bold texts to suit your setup.

#cluster registration block

In order to check your registration you can use the following command:

ldapsearch -h arc-emi.grid.upjs.sk -p 2135 -x -b 'mds-vo-name=ARC-TESTBED,o=grid' -s base giisregistrationstatus


ARC middleware is additionaly supporting registration to EMIR. To register a resource to the EMIR you need to follow following information using url to EMIR DSR from below.

EMIR DSR: http://arc-emi.grid.upjs.sk:9126

If your registration was correct, then your resource should be visible in the above Grid Monitor or you can check the content of XML output from EMIR server.